Welcome to my Blog!

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my web log.   The purpose of this blog is to spread my wings a bit and hopefully reach out to other developers out there.  I’m an opinionated guy, but I’ll be fair to everyone who may comment on my posts.  However, I have 2 rules for comments:

  1. Be constructive, not a butt hole.
  2. No offensive language.
Back to fairness, if I delete a comment I’ll try to give the reason why privately.
I plan to write a series of articles building simple applications using a varied stack of tools.  I’m a Windows/.NET guy by day, but in the past months I’ve looked towards becoming immersed in Linux & Python.  I also hope to re-familiarize myself with Ruby and C/C++ as well.  Any hoot, I want to grow my skills through constructive criticism so fire away!